Harrison Highlands was recently showcased on CTV. Check out the video links below!

The Harrison Highlands ticks all the boxes of what buyers want but rarely find.

Live amidst stunning scenery and enjoy easy access to Harrison Hot Springs Resort, Sasquatch Mountain Resort, the Sandpiper Golf Club, local artisan markets & more.  Click the video link below to see how you can live the outdoor lifestyle most merely dream of…at Harrison Highlands!

Explore the beauty and adventure that Harrison has to offer, all without leaving the comfort of your own neighborhood. Click the video below to see what’s all in your “backyard” when you live at the Fraser Valley’s premier new address – Harrison Highlands.

Through the LEEP program, Odessa is proud to be building a master-planned community of 300 homes that all exceed the average energy efficiency code. Click play on the video below to learn more about how Odessa is incorporating continuous rigid insulation, air source heat pump technology, and even solar panels to build homes that are 20-40% more energy efficient for their Harrison Highlands home owners.

Nathan Stone, managing partner of Odessa Group, encourages BC builders to get ahead of the curve by learning about and implementing the BC Energy Step Code.

After serving at various levels locally and provincially, Chilliwack builder and developer Nathan Stone has been re-named President of the Canadian Home Builders’ Association (CHBA). Watch the video below and get to know a little more about Nathan and find out how he became involved in the residential construction industry, learn a little bit about his family and much more.

Odessa prides itself as a builder committed to craftsmanship, quality, and environmental stewardship. They have recently been recognized for demonstrating excellence and best practices in the ENERGY STAR for New Homes (ESNH) program by building high performing ENERGY STAR certified homes within the Fraser Valley region. Click here to read more about their noteworthy activities and accomplishments.

Odessa making a difference in one community by providing better-built homes for families.

Harrison Highlands, a community in Agassiz currently under construction by Odessa Group, is drawing attention for the homes’ ENERGY STAR® certification, as well as being an affordable investment for homeowners seeking a unique lifestyle experience.

A typical new home in Metro Vancouver has air leakage rates of five to six times per hour. Nathan Stone, co-founder of Odessa Group, is building homes with half that — or 2.5 air changes per hour — thus meeting stringent energy efficiency standards, but at minimal extra cost to the homeowners.

Achieving ENERGY STAR standards required bringing a certified energy advisor on board, to ensure the builder was supported appropriately throughout the construction process. “Our advisor helped us assess design plans and made cost-efficient recommendations on how to achieve our performance goals,” Stone said.